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Time Table for EPAC Standard Implementation

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Worldwide the e-Bike industry is looking forward to the introduction of the new EN 15194 standard for ¡®Electronically Power Assisted Cycles' (EPAC).
To qualify an e-Bike as 'perfectly safe' for the user as well as his surroundings, it has to comply with this new standard. There is a great interest in this new European Standard, which will influence the booming European e-Bike market substantially.
To inform all manufacturers en suppliers regarding the upcoming new standard, Bike Europe mapped out an implementation time table. The fulfilment of the CE standard and using the CE marking on every electronic component on each e-Bike is the responsibility of the manufacturer and/or the importer.

  • January 14th, 2009 was the date when the definitive text for EN 15194 was sent to all European National Standards Bodies and was accepted by them.
  • Sixth month after the acceptance of the definitive text all European National Standards Bodies will have implemented the standard as national standard and any previous national standards shall be withdrawn before this date. This date is July 31st 2009.
  • The date of announcement by which the standard shall go into force is April 30th, 2009. The standard will be announced by the European National Standards Bodies and the text of the complete EN 15194 standard for ¡®Electronically Power Assisted Cycles¡¯ (EPAC) will be available at the National Standards Bodies in the various European countries.
The implementation of the CE standard varies by country. In some European countries the CE standard is compulsory by law, while in other countries it is just a part of the European product safety ruling.